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About Worker4Nerf

WORKER4Nerf is a game-supporting manufacturer that focuses on foam blaster gun modifications and attachments Located in Dallas TX, aiming to create better products and offer a wonderful experience to fans and players of foam blaster toys, by allowing users to modify existing foam blasters to shoot faster and further than the average blaster. Our products work with all foam blaster brands, including NERF! We focus on quality attachments for your toy blaster, by using only the highest quality materials to give you the best experience with your foam blaster guns and modifications.

What they say about us

I love this kit! The difference is night and day. Can't wait to add more accessories to the rail.


I'm very happy with this product. It came sooner then I expected great build and makes any gun look bad ass😎 and it cam before I got home from school making my day better. Thank you😊


nice firm grip doesnt wobble love it