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WORKER4Nerf is a game-supporting manufacturer that focuses on foam blaster modifications and attachments, aiming to create better products and offer a wonderful experience for fans and players of foam blaster toys, by allowing users to modify existing foam blasters to shoot faster and further than the average blaster. We strive to provide you superior customer service and quality products by using only the highest quality materials for our products, to give you the best experience with your foam blaster or modification.

Our products work with all foam blaster brands, including NERF!

We believe that foam blasters are more than just toys for children. They improve hand-eye coordination, inspire creativity with our different modifications, and allow for leadership and teamwork skills to improve when playing with friends or colleagues. We believe that our products allow for anyone from novice to expert to improve their foam blasters and enjoy improved shooting, precision, and speed. Our products offer a great, safe way to participate in harmless shooting activities with friends or organizations - allowing for a fun way to improve teamwork and hand-eye coordination.

We offer a wide variety of foam blaster products – ranging from products suitable for novice users all the way to experts. For novice users, we recommend Retaliator (Prophesy or Honey Badger) and we recommend the Stryfe (Swordfish) for those with more foam blaster experience. Both Retaliator and STF offer a high modularization. The advantages to using these foam blasters are fast start, high torque, longer range, and no change in the initial shooting speed.

Retaliator (with either Prophesy or Honey Badger kit modification) – allows for high precision and power, with the short dart kit.

Stryfe (with Swordfish kit modification) – allows for modification to a semi-automatic foam blaster with”oblique cage + orange wheels + 132 motor” kit, or allows for modification to a fully-automatic foam blaster with the “oblique cage + blue flywheels + 132 motor/flat cage + rose gold flywheels + 132 motor” kit.

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4113 Lindbergh Drive, Addison, Texas, 75001