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NOTE: Please understand that this product is made of PLA material, so please do not put in sunlight area or other high-temperature environments.

  1. Works with Nerf Apollo XV-700/Helios XVIII-700/Zeus MXV-1200 magazine clips.
  2. The product has two sockets that can be used to insert two clips.
  3. It can be fitted with a tactical vest, a tactical backpack, or a belt.
  4. It is compatible with the 7 or 12 round variations of the Apollo magazine clips.
  5. Blaster not included!

1 x Magazines Clip Holder Link

Compatible Blasters
  • Nerf Apollo XV-700
  • Helios XVIII-700
  • Zeus MXV-1200 

Color: Black
Material: PLA Plastic
Package Weight: 70g
Package Size:90×80×70mm