Worker Lengthened Front Tube Kit + Handle (with Front Tube Adaptor) for Stryfe [No.116 XM8] | Worker4Nerf

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NOTE: Please do not store this product in a high-temperature environment for extended periods of time. The 3D printed parts could become deformed. Thank you for your understanding.
  1. See below for a list of compatible blasters.
  2. This product is an appearance mod kit for your Nerf blaster. It gives a unique ergonomic feeling to your blaster.
  3. These are for use on toy dart blasters only. They are not compatible or related to any illegal items.
  4. Suitable for users age 14 and older. The installation of this mod kit may require the blaster to be disassembled.
  5. Great present to Nerfers for a birthday or any special event.
  6. Blaster not included.
  7. Questions or comments? Don't hesitate to message us. We would be happy to help you.

1 x Stryfe Mod Kit (See the related product image)

Compatible Blasters
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe

Worker No.116 XM8 Lengthened Front Tube Kit and Handle (with Front Tube Adaptor) Mod Kit for Nerf Stryfe Toy Blaster

  • Material: PLA
  • Production process:3D Printed
  • Color: Black and Orange (Please see the product images)
  • Vendor: Worker4Nerf