Metal Flat Flywheel Chamber Cage Mod for Foam Blasters (Black, Silver, Purple, Blue) | Worker4Nerf

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NOTE: All the parts are separate and you need to install all the parts into your blaster. Make sure you have some modding knowledge about Nerf blasters before you purchase this item.
  1. Fits with Worker Mod Power Type/Accurate Type/Universal Type Flywheels -  including models W0188 (Accurate Type Aluminum Alloy Flywheel-Silver), W0189 (Power Type Aluminum Alloy Flywheel-Red), W0230 (Accurate Plastic Type Flywheel-Black), W0241 (Power Type Plastic Flywheel-Black), W0048 (Universal Type Plastic Flywheel-White), and W0200 (Power Type Plastic Flywheel-White).
  2. Worker Mod Flywheel Chambers can decrease the friction of enclosed space, thus increasing shooting distance and accuracy.
  3. It must be used with Worker Mod aluminum alloy flywheels and a large power motor.
  4. All pieces are separate includes small parts. Assembly is required.
  5. Worker4Nerf provides other products that can further customize your blaster.

1 x Flat Flywheel Chamber

Compatible Parts

Worker Mod Power Type/Accurate Type/Universal Type Flywheels:

  • W0188 (Accurate Type Aluminum Alloy Flywheel-Silver)
  • W0189 (Power Type Aluminum Alloy Flywheel-Red)
  • W0230 (Accurate Plastic Type Flywheel-Black)
  • W0241 (Power Type Plastic Flywheel-Black)
  • W0048 (Universal Type Plastic Flywheel-White)
  • W0200 (Power Type Plastic Flywheel-White)

Colors: See the variant selection
Material: Aluminum Alloy

Package Weight: 88g
Package Size:100×60×30mm