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  1. Nerf Kit modded after L96 AWP. Compatible blasters are listed below.
  2. Lightweight design and stand to help hold for stable long shots.
  3. The kickstand on the handle stabilizes shooting while laying down or standing.
  4. Scope included.
  5. Assembly required.
Package Includes
  • L96AWP Front Barrel for No.189 (A-Style) Black
  • Tactical Support
  • 10-Dart Transparent Black Clip (Short Length Dart)
  • Retaliator Leathern Kit (Transparent Black)
  • No.189 L96 AWP Butt Stock (Prophesy) (Black)
  • No. 188 Barrett Decorative Sight (Black)
  • 5cm Picatinny Rail
  • No.189 L96 AWP Top Rail (Black)
  • Back Grip Mental Kit (Rose Gold)
  • Retaliator Short Dart Reform Connector (Blue)
  • Retaliator Leathern Bolt Sled (Transparent Blue)
  • Retaliator Short Dart Reform (High Power) (Orange Metal Mold)
  • Retaliator A Plunger Tube (Transparent Blue)
  • PC Rifled Tube (Transparent Orange)
  • Worker Prophecy-R
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Retaliator
Additional Info
  • The product is made of aluminum alloy and ABS eco-friendly plastic and is anti-rust, durable, and scratch-resistant. Vaseline lubricates the blaster's cylinder modification, springs' modification, and replacement.
  • Designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold, while allowing for a stable, consistent shot. The switch allows for smoother, faster shooting, while the aluminum alloy tube allows for improved accuracy.
  • Dart bullet clip designed with a high elastic spring and is resistant to darts getting stuck in the mechanism. Clear design allows for users to see the number of foam darts loaded.
  • Transparent material allows higher third-party customization.
  • The adjustable front tube is compatible with most foam blasters that can be disassembled easily.
  • Great gift for birthdays and holidays for kids and adults alike!
  • Product recommended for children age 14 or older.