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Worker Solid Final Stage Kit/Pushrod Hammer Rod Mod Kit for the Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe and 2-in-1 Demolisher 
  1. Compatible with Nerf N-strike Elite Stryfe and 2-in-1 Demolisher
  2. 100% New and high quality.
  3. It can fire darts more smoothly and with more power.
  4. This kit is only for Nerf N-strike Elite Stryfe and 2-in-1 Demolisher Blaster toy.
  5. All parts are separate, and the product may include small parts.
  6. You need to install and assemble your blaster. Please be careful when installing the parts to avoid damaging your Nerf blaster.
  7. Blaster not included!

1x Pushrod Sets

Compatible Blasters
  • Demolisher 2-in-1
  • Nerf N-Strike Elite Stryfe
Color: Black
Material: POM
Package Weight: 8g
Package Size:150×90×20mm
Product Dimensions: 3.9 x 1.5 in / 98.3*37.5mm
Product Weight: 0.6 oz / 17g