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  • Swordfish foam blaster that can fire foam darts.
  • Firing mode is Semi-Automatic.
  • Can come assembled or unassembled for DIY install.
  • Fires darts up to 90 feet away.
  • Swordfish pattern: Easy to hold and grip.
  • Batteries not included.
Package Includes
  • ACC CQB Suppressor Muzzle Barrel Extension (Black and Orange)
  • Orange Whirl Barrel 6 in (15cm)
  • A Style Hand Grip (Transparent Blue)
  • 12-Dart Magpul Style Clip (Transparent Blue)
  • Picatinny Rail 2 in (5cm) (Transparent Blue)
  • Kriss Vector Style Kit (Transparent Blue)
  • Swordfish Big Body (Transparent Blue)
  • Simple Adjustable Stock (Transparent Blue)
  • Iron Sight (Black)
  • 11 in (9cm) Picatinny Rail Mount (Transparent Blue)
  • Swordfish Extend Battery Cover (Transparent Blue)
  • Swordfish Fully Automatic Kit
  • Blue Metal Flywheel Kit (Diamond Pattern)
  • Phantom Flash Hider
  • M3*15 Thumb Screw (Black)
Additional Info

►Arrives fully assembled or unassembled.
►The product can support Stryfe connector components and is compatible with the 3D-printed Stryfe front barrel.
►It is manufactured with premium ABS plastic, which is eco-friendly, abrasion-proof, durable, and resistant to scratches.
►The design has a transparent shell with an appearance of fish scales, allowing for a fun appearance while offering an ergonomic design for ease of holding and shooting.
►Allows shooting fast and long distances. The precise design of the flywheel kit will ensure its practicability in the work of high performance.
►Recommended for people over 14 years old.
►Great gift for holidays and birthdays.